The motive behind the creation of this site was to educate people about the different kinds of ways to make money.

Today, when people are either getting salary cuts or losing jobs, it becomes very necessary to find the alternate ways to supplement the income to pay the bills.  Doing one job is not sufficient for a large number of people to run their households.  Everybody needs extra income and the internet is a great source to find new opportunities to earn money.  Today, there are different kinds of ways to earn a great income right from your home working on the internet.  But, choosing a particular kind of work to earn money online or to make money offline may be confusing for a lot of people as they are new to the scene.  On this site, you will find complete information about the many online and offline ways to make money.  You will be able to decide which particular money making idea is right for you.

About Us
We just wanted to take a moment to introduce ourselves and let you get to know us better.  We are a group of professionals who collaborate to make this a great site for our followers.

The leader of 1000 Money Making Ideas is the corporate executive type and technical nerd.  The Muse is the free spirit and creative type.  The team consists of a fabulous web designer, several writers, a technical group and our mascot, a black German shepherd.  Collectively, we have about 150 years of internet experience and obviously either invented the world wide web or are exaggerating.  Actually, our collective business experience is in computer technology, career development, business brokerage, graphic design, and venture capital plus entrepreneurship.  This blog site has been the perfect blend for the talents of the team.  That is why 1000 Money Making Ideas has the energy and experience to help others do what they teach, find passion in their work and have multiple streams of income.  Our goal is to help others find a money making idea that will change their life and financial situation forever.
Each week, we add new money making ideas to this blog so please be sure to come back often.

If you ever need help or want discuss an idea, please feel free to contact us at any time.


The Team at 1000 Money Making Ideas

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