Become a Bartender and Make Money

Bartending is an old career dating back to ancient times. Individuals can make good money by applying themselves to the skillful art of mixed drinks and alcoholic beverages.

Bartending can be traced back to the ancient Greek, Roman, and Asian cultures. Barkeepers were generally the owner of the bar and the innkeeper or wife of the owner. As time progressed, the bars were eventually called, “public drinking houses.” The term was eventually shortened to, “pubs.” At one time, bartenders in France, England, Germany, and Ireland were considered men of a very wealthy trade. However, today’s bartenders are not quite so lucky. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, bartenders in the U. S. average about $20,000 per year.


Bartenders work very hard at their duties. In fact, bartenders usually have many tasks to perform. They fill drink orders from patrons, they check the identification of patrons to ensure legal drinking age, and they must possess the art of good communication. Some bartenders must have the ability to mix drinks. This skill must be learned either through a course or through an apprenticeship. Mix drinks require knowledge of recipes and the skill to accurately measure the contents of the drinks with precision, speed, and without waste.

Bartenders are usually responsible for stocking and preparing the garnishes served with the drinks. They stock ice, bar supplies, and make certain the glasses and bar are kept clean. Other duties involve keeping an accurate inventory and paperwork.


Bartending can be a fun and very profitable career. However, it is not for everyone. There are some risks involved with this job. First, perspective employees should know that in some bars there are drugs behind the bar. This does not mean a bartender has to participate in using drugs, but it is matter which should be weighed carefully when making the decision to bartend, especially if drugs may be a source of temptation. Second, women bartenders are in an environment of vulgar language and aggressive behavior. Expect the bar to have patrons of either sex which are vile. Women who may be easily offended by this behavior need not apply. Last, expect fights to break out on occasion. There is a rare possibility that the bartender can be injured.

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