Become a Freelance Writer and Make Money

A freelance writer is a person who sells their writing to various clients with no long-term commitment and without any long-term contract. A writer’s job is only partially spent writing. The rest of the time is spent by marketing and studying trends of the publishing industry. Competition for freelance writing jobs is fierce, but with diligence to perfect personal writing skills the dream can be realized.


Evaluate your current writing skills. If evaluating is too difficult find someone who has a strong command of English and ask them to evaluate your skills. It will best to hone your writing skills by taking a writing course, especially if you don’t have an English or journalism degree.

Another way to learn more about the craft of writing is to invest in writing books. Visit a bookstore and find books on the subject of writing. Learn more about how to write, edit,  write fiction, and write non-fiction.

Types of service

There are many ways to be freelance writer. One way is to write articles. There are so many website owners in need of quality articles for their sites. Most articles are written about 300-500 words and usually pertain to one subject. The articles are written on a subject which would most likely draw traffic to the site.

A technical writer uses his skills to write mostly factual information. For example, a technical writer writes instructional manuals, informational articles, academic papers, and content for websites. This type of writer rarely uses purple prose and poetic language, just the facts.

A fictional ghostwriter will use her skills to create a work which not based in facts. The individual who decides to become a fictional ghostwriter will work on projects, such as novels, novellas, and short stories.


Becoming a freelance writer has many advantages, such as being one’s own boss, having a flexible schedule, and having a creative outlet. An individual with excellent writing skills can invest their time into creating a career as a freelance writer. These skills include a strong command of the English language and grammar and punctuation.

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