Become a Mystery Shopper and Make Money

Mystery Shopping may be the perfect solution to your cash flow problems. Mystery Shoppers enjoy a flexible schedule where they can put the needs of their families first. Sometimes Mystery Shopping can be just plain fun. On occasion some employers send their shoppers out with scripts. The shoppers then must dialogue with employees of that store in a pretend fashion. By no means is it a super spy mission, but the cloak and dagger is amusing.

Obtain Certification

Mystery Shoppers Providers Association “is the largest professional trade association dedicated to improving service quality using anonymous resources.” This association is helpful to employers and shoppers alike. They are able to match the two together plus offer certification for shoppers.

This certification process comes in Silver Certification and Gold Certification all in a DVD study format. When you receive certification as a shopper you are showing your future employer that shopping is not a hobby, but a profession for you. Also, numerous companies who employ Mystery Shoppers want shoppers who are certified. In some cases, all of the best shopping jobs will go to the individuals who have received their training while inexperienced and untrained shoppers will received the jobs, which does not pay as well.

Find a Reliable Business

On the Mystery Shopping Providers Association’s web site you can search their job boards and look for potential work. These businesses are trusted by the MSPA. Their web site offers an assignment search page as well, so you can narrow your search to your county or state and what dates you are free to shop.

When looking for a potential employer, do your research. Spend some time on the Internet and look at the company’s web site. Are they a member of the Better Business Bureau? If the site doesn’t list their credentials, then go to the BBB’s web site and type in the name of the business. Always protect yourself.

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