Become a Social Media Manager and Make Money

Who hasn’t heard of facebook? This popular social media network has a membership that is soaring every day, with nearly one in eleven people registered. Profiles reveal that people young and old are joining the ranks.

Its not just facebook that is making history. Other social media networks have popped up all over the place, and have become popular, seemingly overnight. People even set up profiles for their pets.

However, social networking is no longer just for meeting up with the gang after work, or keeping in touch with Aunt Sue. And, while old flames have been rekindled through facebook, lost classmates found and distant cousins discovered, a new trend has taken place.

Business networking via social media.

Big business is happening on line. The Internet has become the new seaport where merchants gathered to buy, sell, and trade. Its where everything is happening, and therefore is where everyone wants to gather.

But not everyone has the time, or wants to learn how to network on the internet. What’s a business to do?

If you’d like to cash in on this latest trend, that shows no signs of slowing, you might want to learn how to become a social media manager.

Many merchants, both online and off, know they need to market online, but have no idea how to go about it. They would rather hire someone to do it for them. And they are willing to pay big money to the right social media manager that can help promote their business, service, products, or ideas.

Many businesses are now budgeting their advertising expenses to include social media and the position of paid social media managers because they know they need to market on line if they want to stay visible and remain competitive.

Numbers show the plan its working. One survey reports that 85% of businesses surveyed agreed that social media generated a positive return on their investment.

You can teach yourself to become a social media manager by learning your way around Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, linkedin, or any other social network media. If you have the knowledge and the organizational skills necessary to run your won business, you can begin to market yourself in the same way you would market your clients.

Learning to become a social media manager is a great work form home opportunity. With iphones, and other technology now readily available, you can establish your own hours, and work from anywhere you like.

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