Become a Tatoo Artist and Make Money

Tattoos today are a popular way for people to express their identity and creativity. The demand for these pieces of artistic flesh art has increased resulting in a need for more tattoo artists. A person wanting to become a tattoo artist needs to have a talent for drawing, coloring, and tracing.

Tattoos of yesterday had different meaning then today. People marked their bodies with sharp bone pieces and ink. In ancient days, these people had different reasons for their markings. Most often the tattoos were symbols of status, symbols of love, or symbols of spiritual beliefs. In more strict societies, tattoos were also used to forever mark the flesh of a criminal.

In the case of the Iceman, whose carbon-date is about 5,200 years old and whose body was found in 1991, his body contained 58 different tattoos. Because the markings are of dots and stripes, it is believed that his tattoos were given for therapeutic reasons.

Early Methods of Tattooing

In tribes across North and South America, it is believed people would tattoo the face or body by pricking the skin and inserting dye or some type of permanent ink into the scratch. In Asia, tribes would insert a threaded needle into the skin and pull a soot covered thread through the skin, resulting in a marking. Other tribes across the globe used sharp bones or a wood carving tool.

Modern Methods of Tattooing

Today a tattoo artist must be trained and possess great skill to perform tattoos. Equipment is now used to apply the ink. A tattoo machine is one such type of equipment. It appears to be similar to a gun. Many needles are attached to a bar and then it is rolled over the skin to form a tattoo. The needles acting like a sewing machine dropping ink droplets into the punctured skin.


Before receiving or giving a tattoo it is important to know the risks. As a result of a tattoo, an allergic reaction may occur, especially if using red dye. Skin infections can cause redness, swelling, and pus-like drainage. Other complications are blood borne diseases and MRI complications.

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