Become a Travel Agent and Make Money

You can earn money by providing travel arrangements for customers. By becoming a travel agent you can have a successful career from the comfort of your home.

Do you have organizational skills? Are communication skills something you possess? You can use these skills in a rewarding career opportunity as a home-based travel agent. Numerous travel agencies offer commission pay to independent contractors who have setup their own travel agency business operating from their home. When you contract with a “host” travel agency then you will have access to the numbers and suppliers to sell travel as a travel agent and earn commissions. If you own a computer, have access to Internet, and have a phone then you can become a travel agent.

Before Beginning

Before beginning any business you will want to check with your local government to find out if there are any license, permits, or bonding you have to do first. You should also create a business name. Place that name on the top of invoices and business cards. You may wish to consider designing a website to advertise your business.

Check into some courses for becoming a travel agent. Take some online courses and really get know the travel business. Find places which offer training, both tutorial and hands-on. This might cost money in the beginning but will help you in the long run.


Most of the companies which offer hosting to home-based travel agents allow you to set your own earnings, hours of operation, lifestyle. You are in control of all of your clients. The commissions can range anywhere from 17%-75%.  Many offer a reasonable start-up fee with a payment plan. In addition, many companies provide training.


If you want to become a home-based travel agent then you need to consider a few things you might need. You must own a computer. Some hosting travel agencies will insist you buy specialty software to run your business through their company. You will also need access to a reliable Internet service. With the Internet, you will need an e-mail account setup for the sole purpose of communicating with your clients.

You will also need a tax identification number since you are working as an Independent Contractor and not an actual employee. You may need to check and see if you need liability insurance to protect you in case of a disgruntle customer.

Be Aware

You should know that many of these companies charges fees. These fees may be a start-up fee and could be a monthly service charge. Most websites do not list how much the charges are, so you may need to call the company to see if this is something you can afford.


Becoming a home-based travel agent does offer benefits. Such benefits include the flexibility of scheduling your own hours to fit your lifestyle and working around family demands. Travel agents usually receive travel, airline, cruise, hotel, car rental, and sightseeing tour benefits.


You can enjoy owning and operating your own business while having the security of being connected to a larger, stable business.  Becoming a travel agent can be rewarding career.

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