Become an Antique Dealer and Make Money

An antique dealer must know a good deal when they see one. Finding antiques and knowing where to sell them is a practiced art and only comes by practicing smart shopping techniques. Learning to trade antiques is a must in this business. Study the craft of buying and selling antiques from books or from a mentor. This type of business will require an initial investment to purchase antiques to sell. Find these timeless treasures by looking in the right spot.

Antique Hunting

One of the most common places to find antiques is thrift stores or resale shops.

People clean out their attics, closets, and storage sheds and haul off what they think is junk to these types of stores.

When thrift stores sell these items the price is usually extremely cheap. Don’t just look around local thrift stores, but expand your area and shop at nearby towns as well.

Garage sales are another antique dealer’s paradise. Homeowners do not know the value of their belongings when they get rid of them. Antique dealers have to stay tenacious and keep visiting garage sales to find a rare piece.

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