Buy and Sell Movie Memorabilia and Movie Props to Make Money

movieAn exciting and memorable way to make money is collecting movie memorabilia. You can travel to movie sets and acquire props. Earn an income by selling those items.

Movies are made anywhere and everywhere. Some are made in the city while others are made in the country. Money can be made by calling your state’s “film office,” and asking if there are any movies being made in your state. Travel to that exact location of filming and inquire if you can purchase any of their costuming or props when the filming is finished. While you are there you might as well earn even more money by applying to be cast as an extra.

Props and Costumes

Theatrical property, commonly known as a prop, is any object used on set by an actor for furthering the plot in the film. There is a difference between movie props and set decorations. A prop is actually used by the actor whereas the set decorations are stationary and are not touched by the actors.

Movie memorabilia is not only props but also includes costumes. The costumes are actually worn by the actors during filming, they are also known as, “screen-used,” and can be worth thousands of dollars online, at auctions, or at charity benefits. These types of props are generally not available until after the film’s premiere.

Acquiring Props

Call your state’s “film office,” and inquire if there are any movies being made in your state. You can also try neighboring states as well. Visit the film’s exact location and speak with the staff about purchasing the props after the film’s premiere. While you are there you can also apply to be a part of the cast as a movie extra.

How to Sell Movie Props

The most easy and profitable way to sell your movie props is online through the use of a user-friendly website. You can make your own website. To begin the journey of processing your website, you need to start with a reliable software program. Using eye pleasing colors is the best for any website. One rule of thumb is to use two primary colors with one secondary color. Steer clear from any fonts which will cause difficulty in reading long paragraphs such as cursive or pictorial fonts.

To add pizzazz to your site, upload copyright free pictures of the films from which you have acquired the movie props. You will also want a checkout cart for purchases and the ability to accept PayPal and many various credit cards. You should consider how you can authenticate the props. What type of certification can you offer to prove the props came from where you say they came from? Can you offer a certificate which has a seal from the production company?


You can earn extra money by traveling to the location of where a movie is being filmed and broker a deal to purchase movie props and memorabilia of the movie. You can then sell the props on your very own website to movie enthusiasts.

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