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Start A Mobile Food Truck Business

One of the fastest-growing niche businesses in North America is the mobile food truck business. These rolling gourmets are essentially restaurants on wheels.  The idea behind the mobile food truck business is simple: instead of trying to get customers to come to the food, why not bring the food right to the customers?  It’s a modern and convenient way to make money by meeting one of the most basic of human needs.

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Make Money Baking and Selling Cupcakes

Television shows like the Food Network’s “Cupcake Wars,” WEtv’s “The Cupcake Girls” and The Learning Channel’s “DC Cupcakes” has shone a new spotlight on an old favorite.  Never before has a cake-made-for-one looked so glamorous!  In fact, the cupcake craze has inspired entrepreneurs all over North America to make businesses out of their take on the cupcake, and lots of ordinary people are learning to make money baking and selling cupcakes.

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How To Make Money Drinking Coffee

Can you really make money drinking coffee?  You can with the BFree system.  Not only can you make money, you may be able to lose weight, too.  The BFree system was developed by the Boresha Company.  The “system” includes fair trade, organic and low glycemic coffee, tea and related products.

According to Boresha, they created this system of products on the basis of three facts:

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Paint House Numbers on Curbs and Make Money

It’s possible to make $100 or more in just a few hours when you paint house numbers on curbs. This niche profession is full of possibilities.

You probably never stopped to think about who painted the numbers on the curbs in your neighborhood.  Someone has to do it, though.  In reality, it’s possible to make $100 or more in just a few hours when you paint house numbers on curbs.

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Make Money Helping Students Improve ACT Scores

A major factor that helps college admissions boards determine a potential student’s academic ability is his or her ACT score.  This has given rise to an industry of para-education classes to help students improve ACT scores.

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Make Money Picking and Selling Wildflowers

Wildflower gifts and arrangements are popular.  This demand has opened up a niche for people who want to pick and sell wildflowers as a source of extra income.

If you’ve ever spent time in a local craft/gift shop, you’ve probably seen handmade wildflower gifts.  Cards, pictures, candles and many others feature real wildflowers.  They make beautiful additions to craft items and are popular with customers.  This demand has opened up a niche for people who want to pick and sell wildflowers as a source of extra income.

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Plant Bulbs and Make Money

You can earn money by selling flowers in the spring. Plant flower bulbs and watch them and your wallet grow.

Flower bulbs are a fast and easy way to make money during the summer months. Flowers are very popular. People love beautifying their property with an explosion of color during the warm, sunny months.

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Make Money Connecting Electronic Devices

You can earn extra money by connecting electronic devices for people who do not know how. Advertise for your services. You can own and operate your own small business with some skill and business savvy.

With the rise in electronic devices, people struggle learning about the device, and also how to connect it to other devices. For example, families need their Blu-Ray DVD connected to their big screen television, X-box 360 to a television, or a video camera to a television.

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Make Money Doing Winter Rescues

If you own a 4×4 vehicle such as a Jeep, Hummer, or a truck, you could earn money during the wintertime by pulling stranded motorists off the side of the road. Many motorists are reluctant to call a towing service because of the exorbitant fees, but you could offer your services for a minimal charge.

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Make Money Doing Video Editing

Making video montages can be a rewarding way of making money. Sharing in the special occasions of someone’s life and chronicling it on video helps preserve endearing moments. People will gladly pay someone to produce a history of their lives.

Strong editing and creative skills in video editing software can open career possibilities for you.Creating video montages for people can be a full-time or a part-time business.  Video montages could also be a photo montage. These montages can be shared as a part of a celebration or just for families to remember.

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