Celebrity Trash Picking: One Man’s Trash, Another Man’s Treasure

money-trashCelebrity trash picking has gotten much negative press in recent years.  However, many people make a good side income from going where others fear to tread.

Celebrity trash picking refers to the practice of going through the garbage cans of celebrities looking for items that might be worth money to his or her fans.  It can also refer to the practice following celebrities in public places and picking up their discards, like coffee cups and empty lipstick tubes.

This practice, though perhaps considered unsavory by some, is perfectly legal in most places.  (Check local laws if you aren’t sure.)  Most locales state that items placed in trash cans or on the curb are considered discarded property.  Therefore, they are free for the taking (just don’t take the garbage can).

Celebrity trash picking isn’t for the faint-of-heart, for obvious reasons.  Those who like adventure and have a nose for sleuthing and a good sense of humor may be able to make treasure out of trash.

First, find out where local celebrities live.  It’s easier than you might think, despite a celebrity’s best efforts at secrecy.  Depending on the how popular the celebrity, he or she may be in the phone book.  Otherwise, a savvy Internet search will probably turn up some good leads.

Next, stake out the neighborhood.  Do this respectfully.  There’s no need to offend or even alert anyone to your presence.  A simple drive through or two usually suffices.  Get an idea of the area’s layout.

Then, find out what day garbage is picked up.  You’ll probably want to scout out the area again around trash day.  Check the curb the night before.  Some people put out their garbage the evening before pickup.  If your celebrity does, you can do your searching under cover of darkness.

If not, you’ll have to do your celebrity trash picking in the light of day.  Remember, as long as there is no local law against this, you aren’t hurting anyone or invading private property you’re okay. 

Items that you find can be sold in one of several ways.  You may be able to arrange private sales through avenues like personal contacts or even Craigslist.  You may also choose to auction items on sites like eBay.  This can be more physical work than making a private sale, but you’re also more likely to get a better profit.

Finally, you may be able to sell your items to a celebrity memorabilia broker.  Most of these can be found on the Internet.  These places specialize in celebrity items and, depending on the quality of your find, may be one of your best choices.

Celebrity trash picking is big business.  Just look at the celebrity memorabilia on eBay and other websites to get an idea.  If you get good at celebrity trash picking, you may actually be able to make thousands of dollars per year this way.

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