Donate Eggs for Money

Couples desperately seeking a baby to nestle in the arms turn to artificial methods. It is widely known men can benefit financially for making sperm deposits at sperm banks. Usually, the compensation is relatively small in the three-digit range. Women on the other hand, can earn substantially more money by donating their eggs. Compensation for eggs can bring the donor money in the four-digit range. However, women considering donating should make certain they qualify for deposits.


Most programs vary in the qualities they want. There are some standards which are general for all women. Egg donors should be between the ages of twenty-one and thirty-five. Younger women will have greater chances of receiving a contract because older women don’t respond as well to fertility drugs. Also, older women’s eggs may be abnormal resulting in birth defects of the baby. Some programs want only egg donors who have already given birth or have successfully donated eggs in the past. The reason behind this preference is the facility believes women who have already had a baby or have donated are more likely to be fertile then women less experienced.


Once a woman has been accepted by the program to become an egg donor, several exams will need to be run by a doctor. These tests include a physical and gynecological exam, a medical and family history, blood and urine tests, and psychological evaluation. A woman’s rights are discussed with her at this point.

To begin the actual harvest, the egg donor will need to inject a series of fertility drugs to stimulate the ovaries to produce many eggs at one time. While using the drugs, there will be several medical tests and numerous doctor nurse salary visits. When the time is right, the egg harvest will be performed using a surgical procedure.


Many programs will not allow women to donate her eggs repeatedly. Doctors are not certain how repeating an egg harvest might affect a woman’s health. Ethical reasons also exists. If many eggs from one donor result in successful births, those children will be genetic half-siblings. If these children mature and meet later in life and are unaware of their relationship, their children could be born with potential health problems.

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