Donate Sperm for Money

As a college student, there are many financial demands. Textbooks and tuition alone can cost thousands of dollars a semester. Attending school full-time only allows enough time in the day for a part-time job. However, good-looking, healthy males could choose to earn extra money by depositing sperms at a sperm bank and receive free genetic testing.


Young men who are interested in sperm donation should be between the ages of eighteen and forty-four. Men will be tested to detect if there is any significant illness or chronic conditions. Tests will also be run to diagnose any family history of genetic diseases.

There are certain diseases and lifestyle matters that will hinder a man from donating his sperm. First, if a man has family diseases, such as cystic fibrosis or sickle cell anemia cannot donate sperm. Second, a man who has ever had or currently has same gender sexual relations cannot donate sperm. Third, any man who has had or currently uses intravenous drugs are automatically disqualified. Last, men who have visited international countries where AIDS cases have been reported and the potential sperm donor has had sexual relations with either man or woman will be prohibited from donating.

Types of Donors

An ID release donor is a man who consents to reveal his identity either to the applicants or to the unborn child. This type of donor will be asked to release personal information as well as provide a video footage biography.

An anonymous donor is a man who does not consent to reveal his identity. This type of donor chooses for any number of possible reasons to donate his sperm anonymously to help a woman or a couple become pregnant.


While sperm donation doesn’t receive the financial benefits that egg donation receives, the money earned can add up. Each bank varies in what they pay per specimen. On the average, most banks compensation ranges from thirty-dollars to fifty-dollars per specimen. During one donation, an average of one-to-three vials of specimen is received. Banks often require a six-month gap between production and complete payment.

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