Earn Money as a Transcriptionist

transcriptionistTranscriptionists listen to audios of interviews, dictations, business meetings, conference calls, focus groups, press briefings, lectures, radio shows, television shows, panel discussions, and seminars turning sound into words on a page. Many transcriptionists enjoy the flexibility of working from their home. They are able to fit their work into the lifestyle and family demands. However, some businesses require their transcriptionists to perform their duties in a traditional office setting.


Most companies prefer their transcriptionists to have knowledge of a specific background. For example, if you want to transcribe in the medical field then it is important that you have an education in medical terminology and experience in that field. Sometimes companies prefer that you possess knowledge of more than one specialty, such as the medical field. This field has diverse specialties like oncology, obstetrics, or ophthalmology.  The more experience you have will help you in finding work.

This position will require you to have knowledge of the field in which you work. You will also need an excellent command of the English language. Your typing skills must be excellent. You will need to type fast with no errors.

If the company which hires you does not provide certain equipment, it will be up to you to possess what you need. Such equipment would be a headset and a USB foot pedal. If you are fortunate enough to secure a work at home position you will need to have a good personal computer with the latest operating system, plus the most recent version of Microsoft Word. Sometimes businesses require you to own certain transcribing software. Another piece of equipment you might need is a printer. To be able to work from home you will need to be self-motivated with a can-do attitude.

If you find a work at home opportunity, you may expect regular audits from your employer. Businesses which have tight security and stringent privacy protection may require a few things from you. They may require you to possess a document shredder. As soon as you have transcribed certain documents they may want these papers shredded as soon as possible. You may have to sign security documents, promising you have a computer which is strictly used for transcribing and for no other purposes.


Many companies needing medical transcriptionists offer benefits. Some offer medical coverage, dental coverage, 401 K, and vacation pay. There are companies who will help students. If an applicant is a student of a community college then the company will offer employment upon completion of the transcribing course.


If you can hear audio recordings well and can type even better than you might enjoy a job as a transcriptionist. There are so many places online to find companies hiring transcribers. Numerous companies offer incentives, bonuses, and the opportunity to work at home.

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