Earn Money By Selling Family Recipes

recipesIn times past, cooking was a rite of passage. Tried and true recipes were handed down from one generation to the next. Fast forward. In today’s culture, we pass one fast food restaurant to the next. People who want to cook usually have to buy books to help them learn. If you are one of the privileged individuals who were born with a wooden spoon in your hand, then you have the ability to teach others to cook and pass on your favorite recipes to appreciative people.

Step One

Families are busy today. Parents want to give their children the old fashioned sit-at-the-table-dinner, but are usually pressed for time. If you can give them recipes which are tasty, yet time sensitive then parents can have time to cook and eat with their children. Choose your recipes which have limited ingredients, prep-time, and cook time. Use ingredients which are easy to locate at the super market.

Step Two

For you to be able to publish your recipes, they have to be original. If you copy a recipe which has been already published in another magazine then it is considered plagiarism. However, if you have a recipe and you have changed it considerably, then it would be permissible to print it. You can also check online to see if one of the recipes you use has been printed.

Make sure the recipes you use for your book are not only original, but tasty. Use the recipes you have brought to church socials, family reunions, or an every-day-family-supper, which you have received glowing compliments.

Step Three

Go the extra mile to make your recipes shine out from other books. Use your digital camera to photograph images of the food. You can photo the ingredients, the beginning stage and most importantly the end result.

If you do not wish to include your own digital images, then you can check online for royalty-free images to include with your recipe. You can enter “royalty free images” into your search engine and then you will see there are many places to find pictures.

Step Four

Once you have edited your recipes and photographs, begin browsing the Internet for self-publishing companies. There are many of these companies online. Most of them do not edit your book or if they do, they will charge a fee. Purchase a small print run first to see how the books will sell. Some of these self-publishers will help you market your recipe books.

Step Five

Consider a few things before embarking on your journey. First, you may have experience with specific types of recipes. For instance, you may cook for a diabetic in your family or someone who has food allergies. You could publish a recipe book with recipes directed toward that type of cooking. Also, the price of self-published books tends to be higher than normal retail books. You may have to work harder to market your recipe book.

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  1. D. Kimani says:

    Great work! but at least you could have recommended valid examples of sites that can publish so that we know where to begin. Your article is informative and I like it!

  2. Scott says:

    Thanks for the comment D.


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