Get Paid To Play Video Games and Make Money

Video game fans take note: did you know that you can play video games and make money for it?  This might sound too good to be true for avid gamers.  In reality, many entertainment software and equipment developers pay people to participate in gaming tournaments.

You might be wondering why someone would actually pay someone to participate in a gaming tournament.  Video gaming is big business.  The video games equipment and software industry netted somewhere in the neighborhood of 32 billion dollars in 2005 alone.  That figure, say industry experts, is expected to double by the year 2011.

Besides being a lucrative industry, gaming is also a highly competitive one.  The financial rewards for creating and marketing a popular game or system are nearly limitless.  As such, software and equipment developers go to great lengths to ensure that the products they create are of the best possible quality.
One way they do this is by hosting video gaming tournaments.  Companies that are in the developing stages of games/equipment want to test out their products on real gamers.  They are so eager to gauge market response that they’re willing to pay people to participate in gaming tournaments.

So how does a video game fan find an opportunity to participate in gaming tournaments?  Players can try a number of different avenues, including:

1) Registering with an online gaming tournament website:  Game fans can find several of these websites on the Internet.  Registering with one allows fans to find and apply to participate in gaming tournaments.

2) Join a gaming forum online:  Gaming forums are slightly different from tournament sites.  They are typically blog-style sites which contain the latest entertainment software and equipment information, game reviews and user opinions.  They also contain discussion forums where users can interact with one another and discuss gaming.

Sometimes these forums contain information about upcoming tournaments.  Users can also get leads about how to participate in gaming tournaments from other users.  In fact, game developers sometimes even recruit players from online forums.

3) Watch your local newspaper:  If you live in a larger urban area there’s a good chance that gaming tournaments are taking place regularly.  Companies need locals to come out and test their products.  They often advertise in local newspapers for these events.

4) Check out gaming conferences in your area:  Gaming conferences are great places either to participate in a gaming tournament, or to find leads regarding tournaments.  You may even be able to speak directly with entertainment software companies and ask about such opportunities.

How much you’ll make when you participate in gaming tournament depends on the company, type of game, the location, and the length of the gaming tournament.  Sometimes players get paid a flat fee or stipend for participating.  Sometimes players get paid per game or per hour.  Other times players may get paid a stipend plus bonuses for advancing.  Whatever the pay is, many avid gamers are willing to jump at the chance just to participate.

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