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forums_paidThe Internet is full of ways for writers to make money.  One excellent way is to get paid to post in forums.  Writers can gain writing, business and Internet experience by starting out this way.  At the same time, he or she gets paid to do something enjoyable.

“Forum” refers to an online discussion thread or message board.  These types of forums appear all over the Internet.  They are most often found in connection to social media websites.  However, they are also found frequently on business websites.

Online forums have two major purposes.  First, they are a means of allowing the public to interact with a website and with one another.  This interaction often leads to a “community” of repeat users who use the forums to discuss things that are important to them.

This, of course, is also good for the hosting site.  Encouraging fruitful (and sometimes heated) discussion keeps people coming back to the website.

The second purpose of an online forum is for search engine optimization.  Users are usually able to leave links along with their forum comments.  These links are good business for the sites that the links lead to.

People are sometimes surprised to discover that you can get paid to post in forums.  Companies do this as just another form of advertising.  For example, when a new movie is going to be released, entertainment companies pay writers to post comments on entertainment forums touting the movie. 

Companies also pay to have their links left on forums all over the Internet.  These links get people to click and visit their sites.  The links also help boost that site in search engine rankings.

Writers can get paid to post in forums simply by applying, like applying for a job.  These kinds of jobs are often posted on employment, freelancer’s and writer’s websites and sites devoted to solely to paid-for-posting jobs.

What skills to I need to be able to get paid to post in forums? 

Companies/websites that pay for postings want to know that you’re able to write/communicate well.  Postings in forums are generally brief (25-100 words at most) so you have to demonstrate the ability to persuasively convey an idea in just a few sentences.  You’ll probably be asked to provide writing samples.  You also need to be able to speak and write English (or whatever language you’ll be posting in) fluently to get paid to post in forums.

How do I get paid to post in forums? 

Forum posters usually get paid per post.  Ten to twenty-five cents is typical.  Writers who are web-savvy and work quickly can make a significant supplementary income this way.

The best thing about doing this kind of work is the ability to control your own schedule.  Not only can you get paid to post in forums, you can work any time of day, any day of the week.  It can be a fun way to earn extra money and build your reputation as a writer at the same time.

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