Money Making Ideas For People With Little Or No Money To Invest

One of the biggest problems with some of the money making ideas you’ll find online is that they require start-up capital.  Usually, people who are looking for money making ideas online do so because they lack start-up capital.  They’re simply looking for side income because they’re already working full time (but not making enough money to get by).  Students are also among those looking for money making ideas that don’t require a big cash investment.

If you fall into these categories, you need money making ideas that require an investment of time rather than cash.  You are the type of person that Project Payday is looking for.

Project Payday claims to have helped hundreds of people make anywhere from a little to a lot of side cash without leaving home.  The site is laden with testimonials, although the main Project Payday Website is vague about how, exactly, you can go about making money.

Instead, the site is marketing its training guide, a 65-page manual on how to go about making money.  According to Project Payday, you need only read the first 17 pages to get started.  The rest of the manual will simply help you fine-tune your methods and, hopefully, make even more money.

You must go through a series of sign-ups, steps and re-directions to other Web pages before actually reaching the page where you can order the guide.  The guide itself costs only $9.95, although there is a bonus manual that you can order at a cost of another $20.

The company guarantees that if you don’t make $50 in the first month using the methods, you can apply to receive a $100 rebate.  Therefore, you can’t lose money by trying.  In fact, you might even make money.

Once you sign up to receive the manual, you’ll discover that the method it promotes has to do with Incentivized Freebie Websites (or “IFWs”).  IFWs are Websites that offer free products or cash incentives when you do one or both of the following:

* Agree to try the products of the Website’s sponsors.  The products are usually free or have a minimal cost attached (less than their retail value).  If you don’t want to spend any money, just stick with the free trials.  When you do, you accrue credits that can be traded in for prizes (electronics like cell phones and iPads are common) or cash.  Take the cash, or sell the prizes for money.

* Refer others.  You also get credits for referring other users to the IFW.  This is usually the best way to accumulate credits and get freebies.

The Project Payday training program teaches users how to go about doing these things effectively.  You learn how to accrue points quickly and get others to join.

These methods are worth trying if you don’t mind spending a lot of time browsing for trials and trying products.  You can get some good freebies for your own use as well as free prizes.

However, the better money-making idea may lie within promoting the Project Payday training program itself.  For each person you refer and who subsequently fills out the initial membership inquiry (which is free) you receive a referral fee.  That fee is $1.50 per referral (though this is subject to change at any time).

When you sign up for the referral program, you will be given a unique Web code.  This is how the company keeps track of your referrals and pays you for them.

The referral program alone may be a great money making idea, even without participating in the IWF program.  It costs little more than some time.

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