How to Make Money Blogging

Make Money BloggingThe Internet has opened up a whole world of money-making possibilities, including blogging.  You may be able to make money blogging if you have a knack for writing.

“Blogging” refers to writing and self-publishing short pieces of work on the Internet.  Many people blog for fun, a bit like keeping an online journal.

Others are finding ways to make money blogging, something anyone with an inclination and talent to write can do.  Writers who find this idea intriguing can make money blogging in two ways:

1) Start a blog.  The Internet is rife with blog-hosting sites.  Open an account with one and create yours.

The fastest way to make money blogging is to choose topics that are popular, things that Internet readers want to know about.  For instance, cooking tips, fashion, celebrities and pop music are a few examples of popular topics.

Keep your blog focused on one theme.  (If you want to blog about more than one topic, create more than one blog.)  Give it a name that will attract web surfers by ranking well in the search engines.  Check with an online keyword tool to get an idea of popular search terms related to your chosen theme.  Choose a name that reflects one of these.

Next, start writing.  Write one or two entries initially.  Entries should ideally be 400-600 words.  Every entry should focus on a set of keywords which are related to your theme.  You can use different keywords for each entry, as long as they are all related to the theme of your blog.

Finally, sign up with an affiliate advertising company.  These companies provide you with an HTML code which you insert into your blog’s HTML script.  Once you do so, ads begin appearing on your blog.  Every time one of your readers clicks on one, you make money.

You’ll have the best chance to make money blogging by using an advertising company that allows you to choose your own keywords.  This allows you to control the types of ads which appear on your blog.

For instance, if you are blogging about cooking, you might choose keywords like “cooking” or “baking”.  By doing this, a majority of the ads that appear on your blog will be cooking-related.  This increases the chances that your readers will click on the ads, also increasing your odds of making money.

2) Contract out your services.  Instead of starting your own blog, you can make money blogging by writing for someone else.  Many businesses and organizations on the Web have their own supplementary blogs.  Often these businesses contract out the writing of their blogs.  Many of these companies are always on the lookout for good writers.

Drop an email inquiry to companies which maintain blogs.  Let them know that you’re interested in whether they are hiring writers.

Whichever method you choose, be patient.  Whether it’s your own blog or someone else’s, it might only be a matter of time before you’re able to make money blogging.

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