How To Make Money Drinking Coffee

Can you really make money drinking coffee?  You can with the BFree system.  Not only can you make money, you may be able to lose weight, too.  The BFree system was developed by the Boresha Company.  The “system” includes fair trade, organic and low glycemic coffee, tea and related products.

According to Boresha, they created this system of products on the basis of three facts:

1) Coffee is the largest agricultural trade product in the world today.

2) The growing health and wellness market is one that is poised to continue growing over the next five to ten years.

3) The success of cooperative marketing is a desirable business model.

In other words, market research indicates that this system stands to make money for the company and its distributors.  Distributors seeking ways to make money (either full or part time) stand to benefit from the BFree system.

All of its products have been designed to promote user health and wellness.  They fall into the “low glycemic” category.  “Low glycemic” refers to foods that fall low on the glycemic index.  The glycemic index is a measure of how carbohydrates in the foods we eat affect blood glucose (sugar) levels.  Foods with a low glycemic index keep blood sugar levels more stable and prevent sudden spikes in hunger, sometimes referred to as “crashes.”

Coffee has long been suspected of being a saboteur of blood sugar stability.  People with a coffee-drinking habit sometimes have trouble losing weight because of the “crashes” caused by coffee consumption.   Many teas (particularly those containing caffeine) also have a similar effect on blood sugar.

The coffees and teas in the BFree system have been designed to prevent these crashes, thereby helping to stabilize blood glucose levels.  The various products in the BFree line have other fat-burning and health-supporting qualities, all meant to work together to create a feeling of energy and wellness and boost the body’s fat-burning abilities.

How to make money with this system:   The Boresha Company has chosen a “cooperative” model of business.  This means that rather than selling their products on store-shelves, they rely on independent consultants to sell their products directly to other individuals.  This is frequently referred to as “direct marketing.”

Direct marketing companies have been in existence for decades.  Direct marketing sometimes gets a bad reputation, and is often confused with a “pyramid scheme.”  In a pyramid scheme, little or no actual product changes hands, and the only people who make money are those at the top of the “pyramid.” Direct marketing, by contrast, is a system where product is really being sold, and everyone has the opportunity to make money, from corporate executives to product distributors.

The Boresha Company relies on its private distributors for the success of its company.  It has a fair compensation program which offers equal opportunity for each individual distributor to make money and to advance within the company.

Individual distributors can make money in a few ways.  They can use the product themselves, and they can promote and sell the products to others.  They can also make money by helping to recruit new distributors.

According to Boresha, its products have been grown and produced in a sustainable manner.  They offer fair compensation to growers and other workers involved in the production of each product and its ingredients.   Their products are also organic.

Besides the typical personal sales commissions available to direct marketers, Boresha offers a number of other ways that distributors can make money.  Some of the opportunities are unique, setting Boresha apart from other cooperative companies.

How To Make Money Drinking Coffee!

To contact Boresha and learn how to get more information on this great business opportunity just CLICK HERE.

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