How to Make Money on Youtube

Use your video camera and learn how to make money on Youtube. Start by getting a decent recording device. Then, capture extraordinary things by ordinary people. Babies, animals, amazing talent are all popular subjects that will easily go viral.

Make a video of something or someone that everyone will:

•    love to watch
•    love to talk about
•    love to forward

Be sure you properly edit your raw video. It should be smaller than 2GB in size. Also, make sure it is in an acceptable file format. Make it watchable, and make it memorable.

Keep in mind while editing your video that no one wants to keep watching the same thing for a long time. Even the funniest moment will cease to bring laughs if its left to go on, and on, and on.

Next, upload your video to Youtube. Instructions are easy to follow. Simply click any upload link on your Youtube page.

Be sure to give your video a title that will be simple to remember, and easy to search for. The title should have something to do with the subject matter of your video so that people who are not sure what your video is called will still be able to find it easily when they sit down and start to google it.

Anyone can put a video on Youtube.  But if you want to know the secret of how to make money on Youtube, you have to market your video. This is what separates the Youtube stars from the average Joe.

You must be willing to market and distribute your video so that the greatest number of people possible will view it.

To do this, you must continue to make videos, continue to upload them, and continue to distribute them to every possible social network and media outlet. If one of your videos becomes a hit, then Youtube will offer you the opportunity to participate in a revenue sharing venture for that particular successful video.

There are restrictions however.

•    Youtube prohibits making money from videos that are not original in content. You can’t steal or copy someone else’s video without their explicit permission and expect to make a profit.

•    You must also get permission form any person who shows up on your video.
•    You will not be allowed to profit from videos that are raunchy and contain things that would be inappropriate for families with children.

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