How To Make Money While Shopping: Become A Secret Shopper

Whether you love or loathe shopping, it’s something everyone has to do sometimes. Why not make money or earn free products by doing it?  For shopping-haters, it makes a tedious task more bearable.  For those who love shopping, it’s just one more thing that makes a trip to the mall a fun way to spend an afternoon.

“Secret shopping” is one of the easiest ways to make money and can be done while you do your regular weekly shopping.  Secret shopper programs use regular people to check up on the service and product quality of retail stores and restaurants.  Here’s how to make money or get free stuff by secret shopping:

Ordinary consumers like you simply sign up with a secret shopping company.  This can be done online.  It typically takes only a few minutes, and all you need to provide is some basic biographical information (name, address, age, etc.).

You may also be asked questions about your shopping habits or other demographical information like the number of people in your household.  Once you’ve filled out the necessary information, your application is sent off for approval.

Application approval time varies, depending on the company.  Generally it takes about 24-48 hours to have your application to make money as a secret shopper reviewed.  (Some companies may take up to week to review your application, so be patient.)

If you are approved to make money as a secret shopper, your name will go into a database.  The secret shopper agency will contact you when secret shopper opportunities arise in your area of residence.  You may even be able to peruse a list of secret shopping opportunities on the company’s Website.

When you accept a particular opportunity, you’ll be provided with a list from the company.  The list will contain instructions on what types of things you are to look for while you are secret shopping.  This may include specific questions to ask employees or sampling a certain product or products.

You’ll be required to evaluate the quality of the customer service that you received and provide a report when you’re finished.  You may also be asked about factors, such as whether a store’s products were well stocked, how many employees were working when you visited or even how well-dressed the employees were.

In addition to retail stores, secret shoppers are sometimes asked to eat in a particular restaurant.  In such a case, the secret shopper is usually asked to rate customer service, speediness, order accuracy and the taste and quality of the food.

How to make money as a secret shopper: Shoppers are rewarded for their work in one of a few ways.  The most common is to simply offer a flat fee for completing an assignment.  Other times you may make money in the form of a gift card or receive free product for your work.  In the case of secret shopping in a restaurant, the reward is often a free meal.

You aren’t required to accept every opportunity that’s sent to you.  The terms of remuneration vary from company to company.  You make money once you’ve submitted your secret shopper report.  In the case of evaluating a restaurant, you are typically asked to pay for your meal up front.  You must send in the receipt afterwards for reimbursement.

Secret shopping can be done by almost anyone, as long as you’re a legal adult.  It’s a fun way to make money or get a free meal, and may even make shopping less of a chore.

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