Start a Translation Business and Make Money

books-translationThe Internet introduced an era which shrank our globe considerably, at least metaphorically. The ability to communicate instantaneously with people around the world has come with the need to translate documents of various sorts. Web businesses and publishers who do business on a global scale rely heavily on document translation services to make this possible.

People who speak multiple languages are in a perfect position to translate documents for a living, or as a side job. Document translation services are in higher demand today than ever. This means work in this area can be steady, and those who translate documents can earn a significant income this way.

If you speak multiple languages fluently and have a good understanding of grammar, your services may be in demand. You can get started in this field in two ways:

1) Start your own document translation service. Those who translate documents for a living work mainly over the Internet. Therefore, the most important thing you’ll need to get started is a website. This will likely be your most significant start-up cost.

Your total cost will depend on a few factors, namely, what kind of website you want. Professionally designed and search engine optimized websites can run from $500 to $1000. If you can do-it-yourself you’ll save hundreds of dollars. However, you shouldn’t attempt this if you aren’t very familiar with web design and how the Internet works. It’s worth paying a professional if it nets you more business in the end.

It’s also possible to purchase templates and manage your site yourself. Again, don’t try this if you aren’t web-savvy. It can take a great deal of time and this could outweigh your cost-savings. Website management companies offer templates and ongoing management services at affordable rates. This can be an economical alternative for those who aren’t web-savvy.

Other costs will include domain registration fees and ongoing advertising fees (such as pay-per-click). Once your site is up and running you’ll want to continue advertising, but the bulk of your start-up costs will be done.

2) Contract out your services. The web has numerous document translation services already in existence. Rather than launching your own Internet-based document translation service, offer your services to an existing company. As we’ve already noted, people who can translate documents are a commodity, so finding work will probably be easy.

Another option to working for an existing company is to join a freelance translator’s network. You may have to pay a membership fee for this, but it’s usually worth it. If you speak languages that are in high demand you’ll likely recover your membership fee quickly.

Expect work to be slow when you first start. After all, it takes time to build a reputation, no matter what kind of business you’re in. With time, though, those who translate documents well and provide quality work will probably find that business will increase steadily. No doubt, as our world continues to “shrink,” the need for document translation services will only keep growing.

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