Ideas for Making Money at Christmas

Christmas is one time of the year when people spend money and therefore it is a great time of the year to make extra money. If you have a business that focuses on Christmas it means that you do not have to work extra hours all year long and you have the extra funds you need to make your holiday special for the family. Most of the businesses that you can start around Christmas time do not involve a large financial investment and you can get them off the ground rather quickly.

You do have to make sure that you have all the proper licenses in place to operate a business from your home. If you want to set up a booth at a craft fair or in the mall, then you will have to pay the proper fees for this service.

1. Start a gift wrapping business

If you have a creative flair, you can easily bring in a large profit by providing gift-wrapping services. Many department stores actually hire people for this work in the pre-Christmas shopping season. If you don’t want to start your own business, check out the retail locations and apply to become a giftwrapper.

You will make more money though if you go it alone. You only have to purchase gift wrap, boxes, tape and ribbon. Serious gift wrappers stock up on these supplies in the after Christmas sales of the previous year.

For many people wrapping gifts is a chore that they leave to the last minute. They will gladly pay to have the work done for them. Check out what retail locations charge for the service and then determine if you can provide it at a cheaper rate. The cost of $15 or $20 per hour is not high at all if you supply all the wrapping materials. You can charge less if the clients provide you with the supplies.

2. Decorate homes and businesses for the season

Do you receive compliments on your Christmas tree or the interior or exterior decorations you have at your home? If so, then there are lots of people who would gladly pay you to do their decorating for them. Making bows for the tree, for example, is very simple with a BowMaker tool. You can make and sell the bows to those who like your decorations, but want to do the actual decorating themselves.

3. Make exterior Christmas decorations

Wooden decorations painted in the colors of Christmas and with lights installed are in great demand. If you like woodworking then you have the talent needed for this type of business. It is very easy to do with an overhead projector and a coloring book.

Simply lay the page of the coloring book on the projector and make it larger on the wall. Use large sheets of paper to trace out the pattern and then use this pattern to cut out the wooden decorations. Drill holes in the wood where you want to place the lights and paint the decoration in whatever color suits the pattern. You can easily get $50 or $100 for just one of these decorations

As the Christmas season gets closer, put your thinking cap on and see what talents you can put to use to bring in more money.

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