Make iPhone Apps and Make Money

Have you ever wondered how to make iPhone apps and make money? If so, you are definitely not alone.  As the popularity of this phone increases, more and more people are searching for an answer to the same question.

In truth, individuals as young as 11 years old have made money with applications they have developed. You don’t have to be a computer genius to jump on the bandwagon and start earning a profit.

As far back as March 2010, Apple was reporting that their overall profit in regard to iPhone apps was more than 2 million dollars per month. At the same time the company also indicated that up to 10,000 apps were being submitted for approval, every week… proof that iPhone users have always been hungry for the newest apps and there definitely IS money to be made from selling them.

Although advantageous, you don’t have to be a developer or know code to make money with iPhone apps. All you need to get started is a good idea.

Manned with your idea, search for individuals who specialize in creating these applications. There are actually several ways to do so. Using a bidding site such as elance.com, placing an ad on Craigslist or contacting developers who are responsible for creating apps that you already enjoy are just a few suggestions.

Individuals who make iPhone apps and make money do so by marketing them just like they would any other product. This includes writing and issuing press releases, creating a website to showcase the app, offering a free app to a limited number of users in exchange for a testimonial and including a link to the app in their signature file.

Let’s face it, iPhone apps are here to stay. Take advantage of the millions of users who are always on the lookout for the newest and most interesting apps. Because of their affordability, most people are willing to buy them on a whim…often in quantities of several at a time.

There really is no better time to consider making and marketing iPhone apps. It probably won’t generate enough money to technically make you rich… but it’s a start… and you never know.

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