Make Money as a Beekeeper

The cost of pollination rises every year while the supply of good, quality beehives continues to decrease. Farmers are faced with the decision of supplementing alternative processes for the traditional pollinating progression. They need the bees to produce great products. Beekeepers rent out their hives to farmers to alleviate the burden of scarce pollination.

Step One

Prepare a place in on your land to place the apiary. Your colonies will depend on the location of the apiary. Clear a spot in a field or your backyard.

The spot needs to have partial shade, adequate air flow, accessibility, close to a bee’s food and water source, and proper drainage.

Step Two

Build a fence around the apiary to guard colonies from animals or even children. Make certain your apiary is cleaned and well-groomed. A part of this procedure is treating the ground to eliminate any pests before you place the hives in the apiary.

Step Three

Purchase the hive hardware. This type of hardware is a collection of pieces which is built from the ground up. There are about twelve pieces to assemble.

Step Four

Purchase the beekeeper’s equipment. A few basic needs are: a smoker, bee hat & veil, hive tools, bee suit, gloves, bee brush, and ankle and wrist straps.

Step Five

Obtain food supplements for the diet of the new hive. A few items will assist you in your set-up. Purchase pollen supplements or substitute, white sugar, and unsweetened apple cider. Purchase the necessary medications and treatments for raising productive colonies.

Step Six

Order your bee package. The package of bees should contain a new hive, including the queen and three pounds of bees. If you already own a honeycomb then you may order a smaller package.

Step Seven

Install the hive in the apiary, facing the southeast. Make sure you set up the hive stand at an angle to ensure rain waters does not stand in the hive.

Step Eight

Brand your bee hives where it is labeled with distinguishing information about you. When renting out the hives have the farmers or orchard owners construct a map of where your hives will be located.

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