Make Money as a Car Broker

woman-car-brokerAlmost unheard of twenty years ago, car brokers are more prevalent today.  If you have a passion for cars and a knack for bargaining, there may be a place in this growing profession for you.

A car broker is like a real estate agent/broker, except he/she works with cars instead.  A car broker works on behalf of a customer to locate the kind of vehicle a client wants.  He or she then tries to negotiate the best possible deal for the client.

People use car brokers for three major reasons. First, many people are simply too busy to spend hours (or days) visiting car dealerships or scouring sales ads looking for a vehicle to purchase. 

People also use car brokers because they prefer to let someone else do the bargaining for them.  Many people simply don’t feel comfortable with their negotiating skills.  Instead, they entrust this to someone who does it for a living.

A person may also hire a car broker because he or she doesn’t necessarily know cars.  He/she feels better knowing that someone who understands intelligent braking systems and side impact airbags is in charge of the vehicle hunt.

Car brokers make money either by charging a flat fee for services or charging by the hour.  Many make a full time living this way; others do it part time as a hobby and a way to earn extra money.

You may have what it takes to be a successful car broker if you:

* Know cars.  Do you read find yourself reading automobile mags regularly?  Are you able to tell what kind of an engine is under a vehicle’s hood just by looking at the body?  Does horsepower excite you?  If you know a lot about cars, you’ll be a wealth of information as a car broker.

* Like people.  An outgoing personality is a definite asset in this profession.  A car broker needs to be able to relate to a variety of different people, including clients and dealers/salespeople.  If you enjoy working with people, this may be an exciting career choice for you.

* Have a knack for wheeling and dealing.  Are you spectacular at scoring deals?  Are you unafraid to ask for discounts?  A car broker needs to be able to strike a good bargain.  If you are fearless and good at negotiating, this will probably be a good job for you.

If you find yourself identifying with these three areas, you’d probably make a successful car broker.  Not only would you be working in an area that excites you, you’d be making money too.  Few things feel better than that.

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