Make Money As A Day Trader

day-tradingMake money by becoming a day trader in the stock market. You can reap great rewards by trading online. If you’re a risk taker then you’ll love the roller coaster thrill of day trading.

Day trading isn’t for the faint of heart. Online traders work hard all day without much idle time. Even when there is down time there are always conference calls, long-term planning, statistics, and researching. Day trading involves buying stock and then selling it quickly for a profit. Traders identify opportunities by using technical indicators, such as intraday charts to profit from short-term fluctuations in the price of stock.


You need an education before beginning this type of business. No college degree is required, but enrolling in online trading sessions, work classes, and textbooks will equip you for the job. Browse the Internet for online training sessions or courses to help you. Find a training program or a school which will support you through your transition from student to trader.

Start-up Cost

To open a margin account with a brokerage firm you will need a minimum of $2,500. You need to constantly investigate the opening price because there is new talk of increasing that amount substantially.

It would be better for you to trade with a large sum of money because there is a commission charge when trading which reduces your profit. Any money you trade with needs to be money you can afford to lose because of the great risk associated with day trading. Some stockbrokers offer incentives by reducing the commission for very active traders.


Education and money isn’t all that is needed for trading. To be an excellent at your trade you need talent, knowledge, experience, and tools. Talent with numbers and instinct helps in performing successfully in trade. Talent with technology is also necessary. A serious trader needs NASDAQ Level II to monitor real-time trading patterns. There is also new technology which will help online investors monitor the market. If you trade more than a 100 trades per month it is free.


You will need a home office. This includes a well maintained computer with a Pentium 233 process and 64 mb of RAM and Windows 98 or higher. If you can afford a faster processor you will be glad you did. Make sure you obtain high-speed connectivity with your Internet Service Provider.

You will also need a discount broker with online trading who can provide you with what you need for a good commission. Investing in newsfeeds, quotes, and charting packages is essential for your daily business.


Day trading is a risky business. You need to have a substantial investment capital to begin your business as well as back-up cash in your bank account to assist when faced with stretches of time when you lose more money than you make. To give yourself a good running start at becoming a successful day trader you need to have a large trading capital, a seasoned mentor, and a good strategy.

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