Make Money as a Fundraising Consultant

Nonprofit organizations depend on fundraising consultants to help them raise funds in order to keep the charity functioning. Nonprofit organizations do not distribute their residual earnings to owners or shareholders. However, they use this surplus money to invest it back into the organization to help pursue its goals. A consultant is a professional who provides expert services as an advisor to many businesses who need someone to teach them how to run their business more successfully. A fundraising consultant is a person who helps organizes fundraising events and teaches organization skills to charities.


There are no educational requirements to becoming a consultant. However, there are a few degrees which would prove invaluable to a fundraising consultant. Consultants need to have some familiarity with marketing. Consulting work requires a measure of salesmanship. The charity has to sell the idea of its existence and benevolence.  Accounting is an academic which assists consultants with having prior knowledge of operating budgets and Business Management would help in recruiting, training, and staffing paid staff and volunteers.


Even though a consultant doesn’t need a four-year degree to begin a fundraising consulting business, there is one thing that is imperative for success. A professional track record raising funds for organizations is tantamount for earning the trust and respect of potential clients. To begin obtaining experience in this field try volunteering for local nonprofit organizations. While volunteering, you will learn the fundraising process, help gain contact information for networking, and learn how to plan fundraising events.


It is important that fundraising consultants network with other people who work for other nonprofit organizations and people who have the money and social conscience to aid charities. To gain clients, explore opportunities to speak free of charge on such topics as fundraising, starting a charity, or even how to train volunteers. Another way to gain clients is to publish information on fundraising, such as write articles for magazines or newspapers, or even a book and have it self-published.  Word-of-mouth is the best grassroots effort to gaining clients. Volunteer to assist a few of the charities of your choice and perform to the best of your ability.

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