Make Money As A Guest Author on Websites

woman-authorGuest authors are in demand on the Internet. Blogging alone is a multi-million dollar industry. With thousands of blogs on the Web, plus business websites, good Web content is a commodity. Skilled writers who want to be a guest author on websites have numerous opportunities to take advantage of.

Being a guest author on websites is an excellent way for up-and-coming writers and/or field experts to develop a name for themselves. Those writers/experts who have their own websites can also use this as an opportunity to drop links and invite web traffic to their site(s).

Those who want to be a guest author on websites have three major options. Each requires a little bit of time, research and effort. The time spent to pursue opportunities to be a guest author will likely pay dividends in the future.

1) Contact blog owners. As noted, blogging is a major Internet phenomenon. Blog owners are always on the lookout for writers and experts willing to be a guest author on websites. If you already know people personally who have blogs, ask if you can do a guest author piece. They’ll probably be more than happy to oblige you.

Don’t be afraid to contact blog owners that you don’t know, too. Perform Internet searches for blogs related to your area of expertise. Chances are, you’ll probably find dozens (maybe even more).

Drop the owner an email and offer your services. Give him or her a brief biography and tell him/her what you think you could contribute. Be prepared to offer writing samples so that the owner can feel confident that you know how to write and know what you’re talking about.

2) Join a writer’s network or guild. Numerous writer’s networks/guilds can be found on the Internet. Some are free, others charge a small membership fee. Those who are serious about writing usually find that it’s worth joining one of these, even at a small cost.

Here, writers will probably find scores of opportunities to be a guest author on websites. In fact, writers are often able to find other kinds of writing opportunities, including freelance jobs, within these kinds of networks.

3) Sign up with a guest author forum. The Internet has many forums devoted specifically to finding writers willing to be a guest author on websites. While most of these are non-paying jobs, they still offer great opportunities for writers and experts to develop an Internet presence.

Some guest author forums are devoted to a specific niche or genre. Some are for a particular website. Others are devoted to recruiting guest authors for a variety of different websites. Most are free to join and writers have nothing to lose by signing up.

As already mentioned, it can take some time to develop an Internet presence. However, writers who are willing to spend time pursuing opportunities to be a guest author on websites may eventually find themselves in high demand. Soon, writers can enjoy being pursued, rather pursuing.

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