Make Money As A Life Coach

life-coach-mentorDo you love to work with people?  Do you get excited when you see others succeed in daily life?  If you get a charge out of motivating others to move forward, you probably have what it takes to become a life coach.

A life coach is someone who works one on one with another person to help them to succeed in life and gain personal and/or professional fulfillment.  He or she is a little bit like a “professional cheerleader”. 

A life coach helps clients decide what areas of life they want to make improvements in.  Then, he or she helps that client set goals and take steps toward making changes.  The life coach walks with the person, offering encouragement and motivational tips to make those goals a reality.

Ask any life coach and they’ll probably give you similar reasons as to why they chose to become a life coach.  Most have a strong desire to help people achieve certain goals in their personal and/or professional lives.  They get a tremendous sense of satisfaction in standing behind others as they improve their personal fitness, change destructive relationship habits, make improvements in their careers, become better parents, and more.

People who become a life coach are able to set their own work hours.  They often build very successful part or full time careers.  They are able to work out of their homes, although some have outside offices too. Some work as a life coach in addition to other jobs.  Others have made a career out of it.

If you think you have what it takes to become a life coach, you’ll probably benefit from taking a life coach training course.  Both online and live training courses are available. Most of these courses can be located on the Internet

Life coach certification courses range from a few hours to a few months long.  The best training programs are those that:

* Are ICF (International Coach Federation) certified, approved or endorsed.  Check with the ICF to see if a particular organization is listed with them.

* Provide both coaching and business training components.

* Offer close contact and communication with a teacher/mentor.  This applies specifically to online and distance education courses.

* Offer free orientation/information sessions.  Potential participants should be able to attend free live or virtual information classes without an obligation to register in the course.

* Evidence of good business practice.  After all, you want assurance that when you hand over your money you’ll be getting what you’re paying for.

When you become a life coach, you have a unique opportunity to work closely with people in a way few others have.  You’ll have a rewarding career being your own boss while making a difference in the lives of other people.

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