Make Money as a Neighborhood Security Guard

Make money as a personal security guard patrolling neighborhoods for a fee. Many upscale neighborhoods have residents willing to pay for night time security. You can make a career out of becoming a personal security guard.

We live in a moment of time when security and peace of mind are not only essential but they have become a commodity. Parents want to raise their children in a neighborhood which is safe from pedophiles, thieves, and vandals. Parents want their children to be able to ride their bicycles around the neighborhood without fear of strangers. Parents want to lay their heads on their pillows at night without the worry someone will break into their homes or vehicles. For a reasonable price, you can be the solution to their problems by becoming a neighborhood security guard.

Step One

Before beginning this business venture make certain you possess a high school diploma or a GED. Even though a formal education is not required for this position, having a diploma or its equivalent will help you in acquiring clients who actually prefer to have someone who has an education.

Step Two

If you do not already have some experience as a police officer or soldier then you should enroll in a training program. Many community colleges or vocational schools offer security guard programs or even a police academy program. This type of program will help you in learning the basics of providing security for others.

Step Three

Check with your local government and with your state about the requirements to become a security guard. Most all states require that you become licensed. To receive your license you will need to pass a performance and written exam. Some states require you pass a criminal background check and a drug test.

You will need to buy liability insurance for your business. People want assurance the security guards they hire to protect their home and land are backed by a large insurance policy to protect them in case of property loss or bodily injury sustained from an accident or incident.

Step Four

Consider what type of guard you want to be. Will you carry any type of weapons? Most security guards who are armed make more money for the additional responsibility of becoming trained to handle firearms. If you want to be an armed security guard, then you need to enroll in a training course for weapons. Make certain you carry a valid license and permit to carry the gun.

Step Five

Decide on what type of services you want to offer. Some of the services could be: neighborhood security, mobile security, video surveillance, special event security, and security consultation. You can offer nightly security for each house at $19.95 a month.

Step Six

You will need references to get started in this business. Consider doing pro-bono work for friends, relatives, or organizations to obtain the reference you require. You will need to create professional-looking business cards to pass to potential customers. Consider making flyers to hang around town or place an advertisement in your local newspaper.

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