Make Money As A Private Tour Guide

bus_driverWould you like more information about your local community? Or how about abroad? A great way to learn more about a certain destination is by becoming a tour guide. Through the process of learning more about a geographical location you can pass on your passion for knowledge to others who want to know more.

Step One

Wherever you want to work whether it is a local or international location, you must become certified. Go online and research certification for tour guides. There are many websites which offer training and certification. Most of these courses are mobile. You can find them in cities across the United States. Some courses run two-to-six weeks, with a few providing lodging.

This course will teach you the responsibilities of a tour guide and what is expected of them. Here are a few of the duties.

  • On call 24-hours a day
  • Meet and greets at airports or hotels
  • Handling baggage
  • Counting passengers
  • Directing and managing a tour group
  • Narrating local lore and facts
  • Scheduling the day’s activities
  • Hotel check-in and check-out
  • Confirming events

Step Two

Decide what kind of tour guide you want to become. There are essentially three types of guides. An adventure guide coordinates long events with intense involvement of activities, such as extreme sports or outdoor activities like hiking, rafting, or climbing. For this type of guide, you will need some previous experience and knowledge of safety precautions. A tour bus leader is commonly what you see in the movies. A guide on a bus well-versed in the history of the region and knows many facts. A city tour guide specializes in a specific city. They know history but also popular cultural information. Commonly, these tours are half-day to one-day tours not lasting overnight.

Step Three

If you plan to stay local, then you need to check with your local government about what is required to establish yourself as an Independent Contractor. You may need to fill out paperwork for a taxpayer ID number.

Step Four

You may want to research the area you will provide tours for. You will want to check out museums and archives to discover the history and many interesting facts about the area. Another idea is to volunteer as a guide for historical museums or as greeter at a tourist bureau. Continue to work at increasing your knowledge of the area. Each experience will help you in becoming a better tour guide.


You can fill that adventurous longing inside of you to see the world by becoming a tour guide. If you love researching history, have good communication skills, a sense of adventure, an outgoing personality, leadership qualities, and are able to think quick on your feet in unpredictable situations then you may have just found the career for you. Become a private tour guide.

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