Make Money As A Window Washer

window-washerWindows become dirty. The weather with a mixture of rain and dust leave grimy traces on glass surfaces. A window washer’s market is either residential or business. Most homeowners wash their own and since this is the case a washer’s main work comes from the business arena.

One of the benefits to becoming a window washer is you can choose if you want to work part-time or full-time. The flexibility allows you availability to be with your family and participate in your family activities.

Tip One

You can begin this business with a low start-up cost. Typically, you might spend less than three-hundred dollars buying this equipment. You will need an 18-inch window brush, aluminum telescopic brush handle, a 6-, 10-, and 18-inch squeegee, plastic or galvanized water pails, a ladder, soap, clean rags, towels, and a sharp razor blade scraper.

Tip Two

You will need business cards. You can create your own, purchase them at a store, or you can find some really good bargains online. These cards should have your business name, address, and telephone number listed. (You may want to use a P.O. Box number instead of your home address.)

Tip Three

Walk around your local business area. You want to market businesses which are one to two story office or store fronts. Select the stores on the main streets. When you enter, introduce yourself and ask for the manager. Briefly explain you are in the area building a window washing business. Tell the person you would appreciate their business and then hand that person a business card. You might need to repeat this venture several times to achieve the amount of customers you desire.

Tip Four

Educate yourself on the types of glass coatings and coverings. You don’t want to damage any glass windows which have been specially treated. On these types of surfaces you wouldn’t want to scratch it using brushes. Soft towels would be required for coated windows.

Tip Five

Take advantage of the opportunity when you see businesses advertising on their windows. Paint has to be cleaned off and tapes from posters removed. Also holidays are popular for mobile artists to paint holiday cheer on business windows. Cleaning the art work off after the holiday can result in cash for your pocket.

Tip Six

When you’re ready, for heavier advertising, try these helpful hints. Advertise in the Yellow Pages. People grab for the big book any time they need to hire a business. Another great way to get the word out about your company is to send reminder cards to your clients. You can also send clients calendars, date books, ball caps, or pens with your company’s name on it. Consider advertising through radio, television, newspaper, or direct mail.


Window washing is an excellent way to earn extra money because it is such a low cost business venture. If you go it alone the profits are all yours. With quality workmanship, you can begin a successful and financially secure business.

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