Make Money Baking and Selling Cupcakes

Television shows like the Food Network’s “Cupcake Wars,” WEtv’s “The Cupcake Girls” and The Learning Channel’s “DC Cupcakes” has shone a new spotlight on an old favorite.  Never before has a cake-made-for-one looked so glamorous!  In fact, the cupcake craze has inspired entrepreneurs all over North America to make businesses out of their take on the cupcake, and lots of ordinary people are learning to make money baking and selling cupcakes.

You don’t necessarily need an industrial kitchen for baking or a storefront for selling, either.  Many cupcake entrepreneurs bake their wares right in their home kitchens. They sell from various outside locations, or they take pre-orders and deliver their goods to the buyer when complete.

Starting out as a home-based cupcake business has some advantages.  First, as we’ve already noted, it can be done from home.  In fact, many cupcake entrepreneurs are stay-at-home Moms who want to make money without having to be away from their children.

Another advantage is that there is very little overhead cost to worry about.  You’re already paying a mortgage, so why not put your home to work for you?  You don’t need to lease an expensive shop and you don’t need costly equipment, at least, not until your business outgrows your home!  Once you start to get a reputation and make money you may very well outgrow your home, like many cupcake entrepreneurs have found.

To start a home-based cupcake business, you should first look into the legalities.  Every city and state has various policies on running home businesses, and every city and state may be different.  You may need to have a business license.  You may also need to have some basic food preparation safety training in order to be able to sell edible goods.

You should start by visiting your local city government, either in person or via the Web.  Here you’ll be able to find out what kind(s) of licenses you may need.  You may also find information about selling food products by visiting the Website of the US Food and Drug Administration.

Once you’ve gotten the legalities sorted out, you can start marketing!  Since there are so many other cupcake sellers out there, it’s possible that you’ll have a little (or a lot) of competition.

One of the first things you should do is figure out how to set yourself apart from your competition.  One of the best ways to do this is to develop original recipes (think chocolate bacon cupcakes or green tea cupcakes!), or new twists on classics (like gluten-free Red Velvet cupcakes).  You may even want to simply offer them in non-standard shapes or with clever packaging to distinguish yourself from your competitors.

The next thing to think about is how you’ll market and sell your products.  In other words, how will you make sure that you make money?  Some entrepreneurs sell them right out of their own living rooms.  Others rent temporary kiosks in malls, parks or on street corners.

Others forgo the retail level altogether and take the cupcakes to the buyers instead of getting the buyers to come to the cupcakes. One cupcake entrepreneur sells solely to and within local schools.  Another purchased an old school bus and hires herself out to events or parks on college campuses and sells cupcakes from the converted bus.  (This is yet another way to distinguish yourself from your competitors.)

As long as you can demonstrate that you have something unique to offer, your cupcakes may practically sell themselves!  After all, who doesn’t love a tiny cake made exclusively for one?

Make Money Baking And Selling Cupcakes

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