Make Money Buying and Selling Computers

mm-computer-biz If you have knowledge of computers and how to repair them, then you can earn a living by buying and selling computers and equipment. Auctions and surplus sales are a great way of finding hardware. Once you refurbish older computers then you can sell them for a profit. Other than repairing computers, you can also earn money by cleaning and upgrading them.

Repairing and Maintaining Computers

This type of business has great advantages. You can perform your work at home or you can lease a store front on the town square or any other small shop. It doesn’t take much space to repair computers. Another bonus is you can operate your business either part-time or full-time. Repairing computers is definitely a recession-proof business because anyone who depends daily on their computers has to have their computer repaired.

To operate this type of business you will need to have a background in computer hardware. You will need knowledge of replacing motherboards, hard drives, and other equipment. If you have a degree in computer systems this will only help your newly formed business all the more.

Equipment you might need to begin this business is a computer, printer, tools, diagnostic software and reference manuals. As with any Independent Contractor business, you will need to check with your local government for licensing, permits, and other requirements.

Cleaning Computers

To keep a computer running smoothly, it has to be cleaned occasionally. You can earn extra money in your computer repair business by offering to clean computers. To earn the maximum amount of profit plus offer a measure of convenience to your clients, you could offer mobile cleaning. This way you can charge for mileage and wear and tear on your vehicle plus an additional service charge for coming to the customer’s house or place of business.

Equipment you might need for cleaning computers will include computer cleaning supplies, a miniature vacuum, and tools.

Upgrading Computers

Another service you can add to your computer repair business is offering to upgrade software and hardware on client’s computers. If you have the skills and the equipment to upgrade then you can have a very easy way to make money. Some of the tasks of upgrading are installing more memory on a hard drive, replacing a hard drive with a new one, upgrading an operating software system, or upgrading currently installed software packages, such as Windows Office.

Equipment you might need for this task is access to new hardware and new software, plus tools.


If you have the skills and the equipment to repair, clean, and upgrade computers then you can operate a great business. This opportunity allows you the flexibility of working where you want to work…at home or in your own shop. It offers you a way to work part-time or full-time. Becoming a computer specialist is a good way to make money.

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