Make Money By Becoming An Etiquette Consultant

Etiquette Consultant

Do you love good manners and enjoy sharing your wisdom with adults and children? You can become an Etiquette Consultant to help our culture in its decline of good manners.

Etiquette Consultants teach people the skills they need for special occasions and for the business world. Etiquette is the art of perfecting manners and habits for a more pleasant interaction for with other people. The central thought of good manners is a behavior which makes people around you feel comfortable.


In the 19th century, Victorian girls were sent to finishing school to be taught dancing, music, and acceptable societal behaviors. Girls were taught how to set a table, improve their posture, reading, writing, and perfecting their communication in letter writing. During this time, women were not given the opportunity of higher education, so finishing school was the best form of education for girls from wealthier families.

Different Types of Etiquette

Etiquette Consultants have the opportunity to specialize in one specific area or offer many different types of etiquette to their prospective clients. Consultants can designs training programs for the work place, workshops for adults, or hands-on events for children like tea parties.

Business etiquette for the corporate world teaches good manners in dealing with your fellow staff members and clients. Communication is an important tool in business. It is a tool which must be used correctly. Such business etiquette may include how to be well groomed in the work place, dress tastefully, use good posture, use a firm handshake when introduced to someone, use eye-to-eye contact in conversation, use appropriate e-mail manners, and listen to what others are saying.

Dining etiquette can be for anyone. Children need to learn good table manners for eating at a restaurant or visiting someone’s house. Adults use table manners for the work place or for hosting parties. Dining etiquette is also used for people who want to look sharp for formal occasions.

Wedding etiquette is important for the planners and families involved with the event. Good manners dictate how the bride and groom should send their invitations with the consideration of their guests. Good manners and consideration of others feelings help tensions keep from forming and accelerating at the wedding.

Become a Consultant

You will need to develop the skills you need to become an etiquette consultant. Look for schools nearby to teach you the skills such vocational schools or check online for educational programs in etiquette consulting. You can also teach yourself by reading extensively. Check out books from your local library.

Consider also getting first-hand experience to add to your list of credentials. Apply for customer service positions or public relations positions. Look for jobs for local wedding planners or event coordinators. You may also find the best help from a mentor.

Check with your local government about setting up your business. There may be applications to fill out and fees to be paid. Determine what your requirements are for beginning a new business. You may need to be licensed and bonded. Some states require you to register with the state as well.

Start This Business Today!

To become an Etiquette Consultant today, we recommend you purchase Become An Etiquette Consultant. This complete guide will teach you everything you need to know to run a highly successful Party Planning Business. For more information, or to purchase this HIGHLY RECOMMENDED book, CLICK HERE.

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