Make Money Creating Concrete Sculptures

1000sculptureAs long as buildings are built, there will be concrete blocks. As long as parking lots pave the exterior lawns of sky rises in the concrete jungle, there will be bumper blocks. As long as people plant seeds, water them, and watch them grow, there will be flower pots. The concrete business is a steady business where you can earn an income by using skill and ingenuity.

Step One

You should first gather information about your local government laws and requirements, concerning a small business. Fill out any business license application as required by federal, state, and city laws.

Step Two

Decide what type of molding you want to use. Aluminum molding is good for flower pots, statues, bumper blocks, picnic tables, etc. This type of molding requires several steps in preparing it to use. You will need to educate yourself on using aluminum molding. You can find some of these molds which have been used at a cheaper rate. Smaller molds tend to be more expensive. Larger molds which do not have such intricate designs are not as expensive.

Latex molds are an easy material to use with concrete. Unlike other molding, this type does not require so much preparation time. On the flipside, latex molding can shrink over time, also it does cause the concrete to take longer to dry.

Polysulfide rubber is another material for making concrete molds and has been used for many years. This type of molding is stretchable, pliable, and long lasting. However, the odor of this material is strong. You may have to make accommodations for working with this material, such as working in a well ventilated area and wearing a mask.

Step Three

Decide on a place where you can produce your concrete items. This is a perfect work at home opportunity. You can create your items in your garage or workshop in the backyard.

Buy the materials needed to work. You will need concrete molds, sheets of plastic for lining molds, cement, sand, gravel, water, and a trowel. You will also need to study mixture requirements for mixing the concrete.

Step Four

Begin creating concrete blocks, pots, sculptures or whatever you believe will sell in your local area. When you have a reasonable quantity of items, then you can begin selling them.

Step Five

Advertise your business. Create business cards, posters, flyers on your computer to save money or pay to have them custom made. Take out an ad in your newspaper to advertise your craft. Visit garden centers in your local area and ask if you can hang your posters or flyers in their business. Consider creating a website or at least a free blog to post pictures of your work.


You can earn money by combining skill and ingenuity. Crafting concrete items can be simple, fun, and profitable.

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