Make Money Doing Animated Accident Reconstruction

Deaths from vehicular accidents have been the result of drunk driving and from the fact that car makers didn’t have safety standards. During the last thirty years, car maker’s safety standards have increased, such as the implementation of air bags and law officers have stepped-up protocol concerning enforcement of driving while intoxicated laws which have seen a decrease in deaths. Investigation into any vehicular accidents is still needed especially if someone has been injured or if criminal activity played apart.

Since police clear away the site of wreck quickly in effort to make the roadways clear for traffic, it is especially difficult for the court system to fully understand the variables involved with the accident. Recent technology has enabled computer experts the ability to recreate the scene to give the court system a visual scene of the wreck.


Police officers who investigate vehicular accidents are required to take photographs of the accident site, write an accident report, obtain eyewitness reports, gauge velocities of the vehicles, position of the vehicles, and judge condition of the vehicles, judge the weather conditions, and the condition of the drivers.

Accident reconstruction investigators use all the information police officers gather from the scene of the accident and gather any other information they can find, such as videos from highway cameras. Most investigators tend to analyze using two physical laws. The law of conservation of energy states that energy cannot be created or destroyed and the other is the law of conservation of momentum which states momentum is the product of the vehicle’s mass and its velocity. Both equations help build a detailed picture of the collision.


In the beginning of people in this career, didn’t have many options as far as graphic animated software. Technology has advanced quite considerably today so that there are many products and service now available to investigators. New tools of the trade are available now, such as improved computer software, scene mapping equipment, crash data retrieval systems, and information databases which all help assist investigators reconstruct the accident with more precision and information.

Most software will aid the investigator by using mathematical formulas and calculations which involve various vehicles and produce a court-ready recreation reports. The investigator will also need photo and video software, a printer, and presentation equipment.

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