Make Money Drawing

Artists find it difficult to sell their art. The odds are against most artists who want to make a living creating works of imagination. However, it is possible to earn money by selling sketches, drawings, and paintings. Internet options exist in the form of e-Bay and stock photo websites. Other ways to sell are through local shops and businesses and at arts and craft expos.


Open an account on e-Bay to sell your products. Before uploading images of your drawings, you will need to price them. Try to find online other artwork similar to your work. Locate at least three different places online and jot the prices of the art.

Take the average of those prices and mark the price of your drawings in half. This low opening bid will actually grow and generate multiple biddings because people think it is too good of a deal. Another option is to set a price for your drawings and mark the price as, “Buy It Now.” Be sure to offer free shipping on every purchase.

Stock Images

Stock photography are royalty-free images which can be used for commercial use. The photographer keeps their ownership of the photos, allowing people to purchase the image for a one-time fee. Take digital photos of your artwork and upload them to sites which sell stock images.

There are many reasons why people need royalty-free photos. Web designers need images to create web sites and blogs without having to pay excessive fees for use. Authors use stock photo websites to create book covers and book trailers. Advertisement executives use photos for their commercial advertisements, t-shirts, and business cards.


After setting a price on your drawings, take a sample of your creations and market them at local businesses. Talk with store owners about allowing a few of your pieces to sit in their shop for sale. You can offer the owner a percentage of the sell or offer a flat fee for displaying your art.


Load your drawings in your vehicle and take them to town. Many cities host arts and craft expos which allow artists to rent a booth. During the hours of the expo, you display your artwork for potential customers to browse and buy.

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