Make Money Presenting Seminars

banner-seminarThe seminar business is big business. Individuals are concerned about special topics. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people pay money to attend such seminars. You can study a specific topic and present seminars for money.

Professional presenters inspire, motivate, and educate their captive audience. A professional presenter works as a speaker, trainer, or presenter by working with his/her material or the material from a business. If you are an enthusiastic person with a passion for teaching you can begin hosting seminars in your local area.

Step One

Decide on a topic to teach and then study it. Become an expert on the subject. Defining your target audience will help you in narrowing your topic to speak. For example, you could decide to aim your seminars toward the seniors. Then you would have a plethora of subjects to research such as retirement, financial planning, raising grandchildren, understanding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, quantum mechanics for the nonscientist, world politics and conspiracy theory, environmentalism as a religion, east vs. west in health care, black holes and the amateur astronomer. You should tailor your subject where you can relate to your audience in laymen’s terms. Make your seminar easy to understand.

Step Two

Decide where to hold the event. Check into pricing information at the local community center, library classroom, a hotel conference room, or a church fellowship hall.

Step Three

Prepare your materials. Research your topic and study the information you want to present. Focus on the presentation, the appearance of your PowerPoint slides, and the handout materials. Make each one easy to understand and visually appealing. Title your seminar with powerful, emotional language which will capture the attention of your audience.

Step Four

Target your audience. Make sure you choose an audience who has time to attend your seminars, those who have an emotionally compelling issue you can address, and who has access to their money. Such people may be seniors or business owners.

Step Five

Design activities throughout the seminar to help people learn the material. Choose a hands-on activity or exercise for the audience to seal the information into their memory. Decide on a time to gather input from the audience. You will also need to make time for a questions and answer period. Use further questions or an activity to bring the discussion to a close. These questions or activities should be reflective, focusing on the objectives you want your audience to learn. Conclude with a short remark about how this topic has expanded your vision and then thank everyone for participating in your seminar.

Step Six

Advertise your seminar. Most professional presenters use direct mail for their advertising. Direct mail is sending sales letters, brochures, postcards, or any type of printed material in the mail. Some professional presenters rely on past seminar participants for referrals and speaker bureaus.

Another good way to garner interest in your seminar is to write articles for trade magazines or topic specific journals. Writing articles is a great way to market your business.

Become a Professional Speaker!

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