Make Money Raising Chickens as a Poultry Farmer

Earn money as a poultry farmer. Chickens are relatively low-key creatures. Most of the cost of raising chickens comes from their feed. You might consider starting your own poultry farm to make money while working at home.

Raising chickens has its benefits. You can wake up to the crow of the rooster and farm fresh eggs. The initial investment into poultry farming isn’t cheap, but a person who is willing to study the business, research the behavior of chickens and their maintenance, and purchase the necessary equipment could become a successful chicken farmer.

Tip One

Learn about chickens. Obtain books from your local library, check out articles online, and visit poultry farms to learn about the chickens diet, housing, life span, and egg laying. Search online for poultry organizations to join, so you can discuss the subject of farming with other farmers and gain more insight on farming through the organization.

Tip Two

Decide what kind of poultry farmer you want to become. You need to decide your purpose for selling the chickens. Is it for selling eggs or meat? This needs to be decided before you purchase your chickens as some breeds are specific for selling meat and some are specific for laying eggs.

Tip Three

If you don’t already live in the country, then you need to inquire to your local city government to see if there are any restrictions about raising chickens inside the city limits. There may be ordinances against this type of business venture. More than likely you will need a place outside the city limits in the country. Determine how large you want your farm to be. Typically,  a chicken farm requires 10-square meters per bird.

Tip Four

Construct a well-ventilated chicken coop. Build a roosting area and nesting boxes. You will need to acquire other supplies as well, such as incubators, heating lamps, a strong light for checking if eggs are good, and chicken feed.

Chicken feed cost the farmer about 60% of the total cost of raising chickens. The fowls are usually fed a combination of maize, soy, rice bran, and cereals.

Tip Five

Purchase chickens. Good egg layers are Rhode Island Reds which produce brown eggs and Leghorns which produce white eggs. If you are raising chickens for selling meat you will want to look into purchasing Arbor Acres, Ross, and Peterson chickens.  There are a few chickens which are raised for egg production and meatiness, they are New Hampshires, Plymouth Rocks, and Wyandottes. As you purchase your chickens, remember to buy one rooster for every 10 hens. You will need to have a veterinarian check your flock regularly. Chickens will need to be treated for worms and fleas.

Tip Six

Contact your local insurance provider or farmer’s insurance to insure your poultry farm. You will also need to register your business. Check business requirements in the state of your residence.


As a poultry farmer, you can earn money by raising chickens. You might need some beginning monetary capital to start, but with a little elbow grease you can become successful.

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