Make Money Selling Carburetor Kits

make money selling carburetor kitsYou can make money by selling carburetor kits. Carburetors are needed for older engines or small engines. People who own this type of equipment usually need their carburetors rebuilt at some point or another. They need inexpensive kits to help get the job done.

Many do-it-yourself mechanics find the price of brand new carburetors expensive. The solution is to buy a carburetor kit and rebuild the carburetor to reduce the amount of dollars spent. With a little bit of research on the types of pieces needed for the kit and a price search on the median price of carburetor kits, you can make money.

Step One

If you have experience rebuilding carburetors then this business opportunity should be easy. However, if you are not mechanically inclined, you should invest time in researching the process of rebuilding a carburetor and the required pieces necessary to do the work correctly. You can find reading material online, at local libraries, and trade magazines. You might also try finding a seasoned mechanic and asking him to show you how to rebuild a carburetor the next time he needs to rebuild one.

Step Two

Research the prices of buying the pieces individually. Find out what the easily replaceable components of a particular carburetor are, and then find a cheap wholesale source for the parts. You will also need to research the shipping prices for selling the kits through the mail. Another item to learn about is the going price for carburetor kits online and in magazines. You do not want to sell your kits at a high price. You want to find a price that is right in the middle, about half the going rate.

Step Three

Order your supplies for the kits. When you receive them from your wholesaler, begin placing the pieces inside a re-sealable clear bag. These types of bags are inexpensive and are convenient for holding any type of material.

Step Four

Decide on the price of your kits by determining the amount of money you spent on the necessary items and the price of your competition.

Step Five

Advertise. Obtain a website. To be able to sell your carburetor kits online you must have an online presence. You can purchase a website three different ways. First, buy software to create your website on your personal computer and then purchase your online hosting. Second, you could choose to find help in creating your website through site building website, which assists you step-by-step through the designing process. Last, you can hire a website builder to create your website and then you provide the content.

Your website should have a shopping cart. Your checkout should be a secure store. Offer different credit card types, but most importantly offer PayPal capabilities.

Market your website. You can do this by joining an online network of mechanics. Advertise online, or in trade magazines, newspapers, and television. Purchase business cards with your website address on them. You can also advertise by word of mouth or by participating in online auction sites.

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