Make Money Selling Coupons on eBay

Do you have a penchant for selling? Would you like to earn money by selling coupons online?  Selling coupons on eBay can be one of the profitable work at home jobs.

Since 1998, eBay has been an online marketplace for millions of individuals. Buyers and Sellers alike grappled for the one thing they want most…a good deal. This is the single most important key to success in selling on e-Bay.There are a number of people who sell coupons on eBay. The exciting news is that there are many people buying the coupons. Selling coupons has great advantages for example, shipping is easy with a regular envelope and a first class stamp. There is no need for packing materials, scales, or trips to the post office. Learn the secrets of becoming a successful seller of coupons.

Step One

To begin your journey of negotiating business transactions on e-Bay, you must first open an account. The steps are easy to follow. Just follow the directions and you will have your account fully functional within minutes. Remember to create an auction title which will include the number of coupons you are selling and the expiration date.

Step Two

When it comes to selling coupons on e-Bay, it is important to do your homework. You want to price your coupons right. Browse eBay and look at the price other vendors charge for their coupons. Take an average of their prices and then mark the price in half. This will be your low opening price.

This low opening bid will actually grow and generate multiple bidding because people think it is too good of a deal. If you are willing to accept the going rate for your coupons, then use that price as a, “Buy It Now,” listing.

Step Three

Accept Paypal. PayPal is the simplest way to do business on eBay. PayPal enables you to accept online payments for your eBay items. Sellers must offer safe electronic payments to buyers on eBay, so go ahead and sign up for PayPal…it is free.

Step Four

Obtain your coupons. You can ask family and friends to save their coupons for you. Coupons can be found inside inserts, newspapers, magazines, and online. Once you have obtained the coupons, you can cut and sort the coupons into bundles or leave the coupon insert intact and then sell it as is.

Step Five

eBay has rules for selling coupons which you must adhere to or be removed from the site. For example, since coupons have no cash value, eBay coupon auction listings typically include a statement which specifies the coupons are free and the bidder pays the seller for the service of finding, clipping, and compiling the coupon sets.

Here are some other guidelines:

  • No expired coupons
  • Bulk coupons cannot be more than 100 coupons, 20 identical coupons, or 5 coupon inserts
  • Listing must clearly state the description of the coupon
  • Only 2 “Free” coupons per listing
  • Only 2 printed Internet coupons per listing
  • No electronic “scanned” coupons
  • No recalled coupons or coupons for recalled products
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