Make Money Selling Digital Paintbrushes

Use your creative and artistic talent to design digital paintbrushes for use in Photoshop. You can earn money by designing paintbrushes which people can use for their websites, newsletters, or other print applications.

Designing digital paintbrushes is a great way to earn extra money. You don’t have to spend an exorbitant amount of money to set up this business adventure. All you need is an updated computer and computer software, such as Adobe Photoshop. Photoshop brushes are a great way to add that extra little embellishment to your next project. You can use your unique flair to brush your creativity across the canvas of your dreams by selling digital paintbrushes.

Step One

You do not need a degree in graphic design to be able to sell paintbrushes. However, if you have a background in art and have an eye for symmetry, pleasing color palates, and workable graphics than it would help you in your business venture.

Step Two

digital-paint-brushTo successfully operate your business, you will need to have functional knowledge of the computer program Photoshop. If you are already familiar with making paintbrushes, then that skill will help you begin your business. However, if you are not familiar you might be interested in these basic steps:

• Select an image with a solid background

• Remove the image background, inverse, and cut

• Paste image onto new layer and then delete background layer

• Select a white background

• Change color to grayscale

• Select preset brushes

• Name the brush

Step Three

If you come to the place where you find the competition is fierce, you can find other ways to make money with your paintbrushes. Here are a few other ideas on how you can make money with paintbrushes. Use the paintbrush to:

• Print your own cloth design

• Design your own wrapping paper

• Design business cards

• Design wedding invitations

• Design computer wallpapers

• Design t-shirts

Step Four

Check with your local government about setting up your business. There may be applications to fill out and fees to be paid. Determine what your requirements are for beginning a new business.

Step Five

Market yourself. Purchase or create from a home computer, business cards, brochures, and/or a website, these items will help you in obtaining customers. Consider doing some pro-bono work to get the word out about your new business.

If you decide to create a website, make sure you upload a portfolio of your paintbrushes to display. Customers need to see previous work to make certain that your Photoshop paintbrushes are the ones for their project. Also, make your website user friendly. Customers need to have a shopping cart accessible to pay for services rendered through an online format.

When marketing your services don’t forget to network. Find places online where you can visit with other people of the same interest. Visit blogs, social medias, and forums to develop relationships with potential clients and create name recognition for yourself and for your business.

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