Make Money Selling Nuts-Start A Nut Business

nut business-sell nutsMake money by collecting nuts and selling them. There are many uses for nuts aside from the meat but the shell as well. Consider picking and selling nuts to earn extra money.

All over the country there are yards with shade trees. Many of these trees are nut bearing. Nuts litter the yards of homeowners, requiring the owners to remove the nuts before mowing. Most homeowners see these nuts as a waste, but it’s a little known secret picking nuts is like money in the bank. Take the initiative and begin your own business picking and selling nuts.


Study the kinds of nuts which sell well. Meats inside the shell are often used for baking, cooking, dessert toppings, and snacks. Most people don’t realize some nuts are used for other purposes as well.

The black walnut, for example is used for blasting and grinding. This type of shell is hard and fibrous. The grit from grinding walnut shells ends up being extremely durable, angular, and multi-faceted. This abrasive is eco-friendly and is used as a healthy replacement for sand, which causes inhalation concerns. The amazing thing about using walnut shell grit is it can clean foreign matter without etching, scratching, or marring the surface. Pick black walnuts and sell them to companies who specialize in blasing.

Another use for walnuts, pecans, almonds, and any other nut you have access to is to use them as gifts. Buy used Christmas tins, mason jars, or nice coffee mugs. Find tins which are clean, rust-free, and un-dented. Decide how you want to sell the nut-filled tins. You can make the nuts into spiced nuts, candied nuts, or sell them plain. Fill the nuts in cupcake liners and place them into the tins. Sell these gifts on e-Bay, flea markets, or on an online website.

Walnut shells are great for using as an all natural hair dye. This can be done by purchasing a few dried herbs and high quality oil. This hair dye works on all types of hair. The resulting color will be light brown to very dark brown. Walnut shelled dye works well for covering gray or white hair as it adds depth of color and leaves hair shiny and soft. Consider bottling this hair dye and selling it online as an herbal hair dye.


Visit parts of your neighborhood or town where there are nut bearing trees. Speak with homeowners, asking if you can harvest the nuts found in their yard. Bring five-gallon buckets with you to assist you in harvesting the nuts. Usually, homeowners will allow you to have the nuts for free.


Search your town or local cities for shops specializing in nuts. Some of these stores will only buy nuts which have not been on the ground for any length of time. A few will want you to clean the nuts before bringing them into the store.

Sell the nuts at farmer’s markets. Package the nuts for sale. Place them in small or large bags and already shelled. Research your area market to make certain your nuts are reasonably priced.

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