Make Money Selling Replica Designer Dresses

dress-businessCelebrities walk the red carpet wearing expensive, one-of-a-kind garments. Women crave to have such beautiful dresses. You can make money by selling a replica of the dresses from the red carpet.

You can make money at home by creating clothes which are duplicate copies of the original high fashion dresses. The only skills you need to possess are that of sewing and knowledge of how to work a sewing machine. If you want to work independently out of your own home this is a great business opportunity.

Step One

To become successful in this field, you should learn everything you can about the craft of sewing. Practice your craft daily. Develop your skills to achieve the level you envision yourself to be.

Enroll in classes to stay on top of the latest sewing techniques and equipment. Have a voracious appetite for reading and browsing through your local library for sewing and craft books. Read on the subject of sewing as well as looking at industry specific magazines. Another idea is to video tape all the televised awards ceremonies. Using general dress patterns, you can create your replica dresses.

Step Two

Decide on a rate for your creations. You will need to factor in the cost of all the materials, such as fabric, notions, and patterns. Plus, rate how much your time is worth. If you have to purchase a new sewing machine, you may want to add into your rate a small amount to assist in the investment.

Before taking on any new assignments, you should discuss in detail with the client what exactly you intend to do. Itemize the order, so the client has a clear understanding of the transaction. Discuss the costs involved, concerning fabric, notions, and labor. Give your client a receipt with the itemization.

Step Three

Market yourself. Purchase or create from a home computer, business cards, brochures, and/or a website, these items will help you in obtaining customers. Consider taking adds out in your local newspaper or a commercial on your local television or radio station.

Contact local fabric shops, beauty salons, and costume rental stores and ask if you can leave your business cards for their customers. You may find customers by attending Expos at a local community center. Networking with your community will help you gain name recognition.

Step Four

Obtain a website. To be able to sell your dresses online you must have an online presence. You can purchase a website three different ways. First, buy software to create your website on your personal computer and then purchase your online hosting. Second, you could choose to find help in creating your website through site building website, which assists you step-by-step through the designing process. Last, you can hire a website builder to create your website and then you provide the content.

Your website should have a shopping cart. Your checkout should be a secure store. Offer different credit card types, but most importantly offer PayPal capabilities.

Become a Professional Fashion Designer!

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