Make Money Selling Worms

worms-make-moneySelling Worms

Fisherman and gardeners have one thing in common, their favorite past time can be enhanced by the use of night crawlers. Many fishing supply stores keep worms regularly in stock for fishermen.

Tip One

Obtain information on worms. Which worms are best for fishing, and which ones are best for gardening. For example, red worms are about 3-inches in diameter and dark red. You can usually find them living in old manure or compost heaps. Fishermen usually use this type of fish for clear water fishing because the worm’s color stands out. Night crawlers are the largest bait worms, growing up to 6-inches in length. Fishermen generally like to use night crawlers for fishing in dark areas or muddy water. These worms are thick and easy to attach to the end of the line. Night crawlers are perfect bait for large fish. Garden worms are thin and not necessarily long. They do not stand out in dark waters, so if a person wants to use them for fishing they would have to attach colored lures to help attract fish. These are only a few of the more popular fish.

Tip Two

Worm farms can be easily started with little investment money. You can use your allocated investment money to purchase the equipment and supplies you will need. Such items necessary are worms, a plastic box, newspaper (not colored), garden soil, (cooked) egg shells, fruit and vegetables, and a spray bottle.

Tip Three

Shred newspaper and spray with water until damp. Mix newspaper shreds with moistened garden soil. Make sure you do not pack the soil. Worms prefer soil which is loose. Take the cooked egg shells and break them into pieces. The egg shells can them be mixed into the soil. You can now add the worms. Never set the worm farm in direct sunlight. Worms need to be away from light in room temperature.

Tip Four

Worms enjoy eating fruits and vegetables. Take pieces of leftover fruits and vegetables and sprinkle over top of soil. Then add soil on top of food. Be careful not to feed the worms acidic fruit. If the food begins to mold, remove it immediately.

Tip Five

Each month remove approximately half the worms and half the soil. You can sell these worms. Place them in Styrofoam containers because this type of container will maintain much needed moisture for the worms.

Add more crushed egg shells, shredded newspaper, and garden soil back to the worm farm. Spray the soil with water every couple of days to keep the farm moist. Be careful not to over water the soil. If your soil is too moist, avoid watering it for several days. Check moisture of your soil by squeezing the soil in your hand. It is too dry if less than two drops of water escapes.

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    Great article. I am going to follow that plan step by step to see if it works.

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