Make Money Selling Your Own Pet Treat Cookbook

pet-treatsYou can make money by compiling your favorite doggie treat recipes into a cookbook and selling them. By providing healthy recipes for treats for the family pet, you help concerned animal lovers obtain optimal nutrition for their pet.

People love to pamper their pets. They want to make sure their pets have everything they need to stay healthy, such as vet visits, terrific toys, and fun food. With today’s over-the-counter doggie treats, pets are receiving fattening food, which causes health problems for them later. People are willing to bake their own, organic and nutritious snacks, however they need recipes and instructions to guide them.

Step One

Before you begin digging through your vast collection of doggie treat recipes, you need to make a decision on how you will publish your book. There are a few options. First, there is the self-publish method. Most of the companies will allow you to choose from a range of sizes, bindings, color or black and white, small run or a large run. You can choose a soft or hard cover. This method will cost you some money. Second, you can create your own recipe book by using a PDF format on your personal computer. You still can play with fonts, layouts, and photography. This approach only costs you the price of the software. You would sell your PDF recipe book as an e-book. Last, there are several office supply stores which will copy, print, and bind your book.

Step Two

Gather your recipes. You can ask around for other people’s favorite doggie treat recipes, making sure you have their permission to use it in a recipe book. Here are some tips to help you with the recipes.

  • Divide your recipes into categories. You may choose the categories by the type of ingredient used or baking method or by special needs.
  • List ingredients in order of use.
  • Use accurate measurements
  • Baking times should be accurate
  • Indicate number of servings
  • Use the same style format and font for every recipes

Step Three

Marketing isn’t near as fun as the creative side of baking doggie treats, but it is so necessary to make your business grow. Business cards, direct mail, brochures, newspaper advertising, and creating a business website are the tried and true marketing tools.

However, word-of-mouth is still the best source of advertising. One way you can fan the flame on your business, is to donate baked pet treats to organizations like the Humane Society Pet Adoption or to grooming facilities. Do you have a dog walk in your community? Check out a local permit for setting up a free taste testing booth along the dog walk. Be sure you have brochures, business cards, and plenty of treats to sell while you are there.


Selling recipe books of pet treats are a great way to earn extra money while helping pets become healthier. Your pet treats will be different from store bought treats because your treats will be made from fresh ingredients without chemicals. Dogs and their owners will be impressed with your home-baked treat recipes.


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