Make Money Traveling

Traveling to far off places, learning new languages, and new cultures is not only an exciting life but a life full of constantly experiencing different ways of life. To have a chance to be paid to travel is an excellent way to expand your horizons. The following three jobs are examples of how to be paid to travel.

Get Paid to Teach English

The benefits of a native English speaking person teaching English internationally is enormous. Many programs exist to certify interested individuals to teach children from other countries. These institutes will even train teachers to speak the foreign language of the country they serve.

Benefits offered include 24-hour support, job placement, paid travel expenses, generous monthly salary, assistance with Visa and other travel paperwork, and networking with other English teachers.

Get Paid to be an Au Pair

Individuals interested in working with children that have a patient and energetic personality would make a great Au Pair. As an Au Pair, you would live with a host family and provide childcare in exchange for room and board, as well as a modest paycheck. Au Pairs generally work for 6-12 months in a foreign country where they are treated like a member of the family, participating in family activities, sharing meals, and bonding with family members. Duties of an Au Pair are the responsibilities of dropping and picking up school-age children from school, arranging activities to keep the children busy, helping the children with homework, and preparing meals.

Get Paid to Write About Exotic Locations

Individuals who possess strong English writing skills will enjoy using their talents to observe locations and culture and turn their findings into fact-filled prose. Writers who wish to write to should always find, read, and follow the writer’s guidelines listed on magazine’s websites. Editors look for writers who can follow directions and have no use for individuals who ignore instructions. Writers should research every detail of the location they want to write about and include fascinating factoids in their pieces. Such extensive research will allow writers to make more money. Writers should always carry a digital camera with them, so they can include captivating images with their written articles.

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